Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why me?

I always thought that I would be very open with my kids and be able to smoothly and delicately answer questions regarding to "where babies come from", etc. My mom was always great with our questions because she is a nurse and has taught "that class" in elementary schools before. So, with that good role model, I thought I would be equally smooth.

I was wrong.

After the red face, and giggles, and murmers from me just thinking of the explanations that I would be forced to deal with, I explained to Jason that I would be in charge of educating the girls, and he would have to educate Jonathan.

I was wrong.

I have talked with the girls about "the subject" to the level appropriate for their age. I have also now talked with Jonathan, because he did NOT KNOW THE DEAL that I had made with Papa Echo, and asked me (while papa was taking a nap) where babies come from. I looked around and saw I was alone and then as smoothly as I was able to asked "you mean like baby pigs?" because they had just gone to the farm... He then explained, that no he wanted to know about people babies. I looked around again and still finding myself alone, then explained in a not so smooth way, but as simply (and truthfully) as possible where people babies come from.

Papa Echo so owes me!!


Michelle said...

I am very surprised at how young we have to deal with this now. I remember taking "that class" in elementary school, and it was all news to me. Not so with my kids. If you want a big surprise, ask them if they know what sex is. I couldn't believe what they had heard at school. (The old school-- BT).

tif-do said...

Your so lucky! I don't even know where to begin with stuff at all, and am always afraid I come off way to crued! What happened to the good ol' stork story?

Stimey said...

Hilarious! It's the worst when those situations come up and you find yourself all alone in a room with the question. Papa Echo totally does owe you.