Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

I will be posting pictures soon.... as soon as I figure out my new camera... but for now I just want to wish you all a very Happy New Year! I for one am glad that 2009 is over. It's been a very long year and I'm looking forward to everything 2010 has to offer.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

So, most people only blog once a month, right? RIGHT?

It's been a crazy busy month, but a good one. I'll start with Thanksgiving. (Not in December, I know, but where the craziness starts...) We had a great visit with my family and then I brought the kidlets home while Jason went to a mining conference in Reno for a week. The day after Jason came home from his conference, I started a two-week intensive CNA class. (certified nursing assistant) The class was not difficult, but I was gone for 8 hrs a day and then had A LOT of homework each night. I finished up the last day yesterday and then interviewed for a job at the nursing home right down the street from us. Hopefully I will hear back from them on Monday. (Keep your fingers crossed...)

So, Christmas cards have fallen through the cracks. Baking for neighbors? Not done. I barely have the kids presents wrapped... At least I have their presents.

Some pretty neat things have happened though. The kids decided on their own, to make Christmas presents for each other. Every night, they had a space of the house where "Mama don't go into the living room", or "Jonathan, don't come downstairs." It has been fun to see their excitement. I just had to provide paint, or boxes, or anything else they requested. I look forward to seeing everything they created!

Another cool thing that happened, is that we had a surprise package left on our doorstep last night. It was a box filled with food for Christmas dinner. Thank you, thank you kind stranger.

I have cider simmering for tonight and bread cooking for tomorrow mornings cranberry french toast. We are planning on making cookies, and of course the Lawrence traditional caramel popcorn. A Christmas story will be on starting at 6:00. (another tradition from my side of the family... it's a good thing Papa Echo is patient)

The excitement level in our home is growing and growing....

Merry Christmas!!