Saturday, January 30, 2010


I'm tired from working, but still enjoying the job.

The kids are all wonderful and I love to just be with them.

I'm hopeful that good news will come this next week.

And now? Nap time... for me.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Job

I finally started work at the beginning of January. I'm working for a really neat nursing home that is just down the street. (Between the kids school and our home is where I work.)

I have not worked a "real" job since I was first married. Coming up with a resume was disastrous to my ego. Luckily, I'm done with that part. This last year, I worked for my brother in his custom tile business, but he didn't need a resume, and the hours were REALLY flexible. So, real job, here I am!!

I work 40 hours+ a week with every other weekend off. The hours are 6:30am- 3:00pm. It's great in that I'm home in the evenings with my kids. It's not so great that I'm a night owl and I'm working early mornings. Papa Echo says I'm a "light weight" now because by 9:30pm I'm falling asleep.

I have always been concerned about being a "working mom" and not a "stay at home mom". I'm finding that my kids don't seem too concerned. It may be because of the hours, or their ages, or because they feel so confident in their parents love that they can handle anything... okay I may be stretching on that last idea... I know it also helps that Papa Echo is able to bring them to and from school and run them around to various activities on the weekend. When his help ends (meaning he finds a job that has different work hours than his current contract work), then things may not run quite as smooth. We'll cross that bridge later.

I know that I've been trying harder to be more attentive when I am home. I make sure I get story time in with Jonathan. Alyssa and I have been baking together. And, I've been trying to just listen and hug Jessica more.

Years and years from now, I might look back and regret working. (Although I don't know that we have many options at this point.) Most likely, I'll regret worrying about working and I'll be grateful for the stay at home time I did have.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

About Face

Papa Echo joined the Civil Air Patrol awhile back. Last Thursday, there was an Open House for all the families so we could hear about CAP. At one point, the Cadets (those under the age of 18) were in the gym practicing drills. Our kids LOVED watching it and were even copying them on the side lines. One of the Cadets ran over and invited them to join in the drill.

They thought it was so much fun!!! The next day, Jonathan showed his class everything he learned. Maybe my kids want more structure in their lives???

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It must be summer, because today it hit 51 degrees and this is what I came home to...

I'm surprised they didn't ask to run through the sprinklers.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Don't Say That!

While I was eager to be done with 2009 and all that surrounds that year, it looks like we sheltered our kids from all the stresses and concerns.

Jessica: "Our life is kinda boring."
Papa Echo: "Really?"
Jessica: "Yeah, I just wish something exciting would happen."
Papa Echo (while preparing for yet another job interview): "Hmmm, you really shouldn't have said that."
Jessica: "Well, I mean, I don't want to move or anything..."

So, a job loss, mom going back to work, a complete change in finances, and struggling to sell a home is not exciting enough... Oy...

I guess it's good that we don't communicate all problems/excitement with our kids?

Monday, January 4, 2010

My camera is working!!

I finally figured out my camera (thanks to Papa Echo's help)... so here are Christmas pictures!!
Usually we travel to Salt Lake or San Diego and stay with family for Christmas. This year, we stayed home. It was a nice, relaxing holiday. The kids enjoyed all their gifts and they had fun making gifts for each other.

My favorite gift was something that all three kids worked on. I was so shocked Christmas morning to find the following on the table.
I have wanted a Nativity set ever since I got married, but have never found one that I really liked. The kids, knowing that my mom has a set I like, decided to make me one. I can't believe the amount of work they put into this!!

The kids all received some video games, so while I cooked a ham for dinner, Papa Echo helped the kids play the games.

Then, there was one more gift that I was a little surprised by. Some people know me a little to well.
Click here for a look at a very appropriate gift that made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!

All in all, a very quiet and wonderful holiday. Things are already looking up in 2010. I have a new job starting tomorrow as a CNA (certified nursing assistant) at a nursing home. I'm looking forward to the challenge (and money/health insurance).