Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We are here, We Are Here, WE ARE HERE!!!!

We decided to not ship anything and just ‘max out’ the amount we could take on the plane. (with one additional bag to pay for) Here is what 11 bags, 5 carry ons and 5 backpacks looks like. It was quite the circus in Los Angeles as we had to gather up our bags and then re-check them onto Qantas. After a little layover we were on our way across the ocean.

I was pretty nervous about the flight over. Everyone talks about how hard it is to be in a plane for that long. I bought many books and games for the kids (and myself) for entertainment.

The reality was that it was a really easy flight. They gave us dinner and then we watched movies and then we slept. When we woke up, they fed us breakfast and then we landed. I was amazed at how fast the time went by. Between the movies we could choose from, the DS games Jonathan had, and the books Jessica downloaded on her Kindle, we were set.

We are staying in an apartment/hotel for the first month while we find a place to live. It is a two bedroom, one bath apartment on the 38th floor in downtown Brisbane with a beautiful view of the Brisbane River. We have ventured out a little today, but are going to bed early. I have tried to keep the kids awake all day to help them get used to the time change, but it is time to head to bed now. I don’t think any of us will have a problem going to sleep tonight.

Monday, August 22, 2011

6 days to go

We are almost ready to go.

  • sorting? check!
  • tossing? check!
  • sell cars? check!
  • get school records and vaccinations updated? check!
  • garage sale? check!
  • packing? almost?
  • freecycle and craigslist remaining junk/treasures? almost?
  • clean? almost?
  • go off Diet Coke so I don't go through withdrawals in Australia? Doh!
  • learn all about customs and immigration to Australia? Doh!
  • finish yardwork so it doesn't look 'redneck'? Doh!
  • touch up paint on the inside of the house? Doh!
  • paint the front door? Doh!
  • hire movers for Thursday? check!
  • take off things on my list that don't HAVE to be done (like painting)? check!
  • Say goodbye to friends? No! Because I will stay in touch through my blog and facebook and I'll be back in two years.
Ready or not we are on a plane to the land of Oz this Sunday.

Wish us luck... or strong drinks....