Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where's my brain?

I have been planning my annual trip to Salt Lake for some time. Normally I take all three kids by myself and Jason comes on the weekend. It is a long drive, but works well. This was the plan until last week.

Brother D calls and asks if I can take the boys for a few days next week so he and fiance J can go work on a tile job out of town. I say, "Well, I was going to leave for Salt Lake on Monday." (and then instead of just leaving it at that, I continue with no brain function at this point and say, "Why don't I just take the boys with me and you can meet us there on the weekend."

I will let that settle in for a minute.

I purposefully proposed that I would take FIVE kids all alone on a 10 hour drive.

Where the %$&*@ is my brain?

In my attempt to entertain five kids on the drive, I bought pipe cleaners (because that's fun, right? right?) and lots of snacks. As I was trying to find snacks that wouldn't melt, weren't too messy, likeable, etc. etc. I asked Papa Echo what he thought I should get. His one and only suggestion was CHOCOLATE COVERED ESPRESSO BEANS. He thought it would be funny to have a "pinball effect" going on in the van. Thanks, Papa Echo, you are so. very. helpful.

My kids are very excited to have their cousins for the drive. I have high hopes for a calm, smooth drive. But, in "reality world" I think I need a lot of luck.

Either that or a bottle of cinnamon schnapps waiting in Salt Lake.


The Rauch Family said...

You are crazy! Time to get a little spendy and buy a portable DVD player! Good luck! (I put in a plug for 'sour patch kids' and mini-pretzels)

tif-do said...

You will be blessed by your kindness??? Nope sorry, I still got nothing!

Michelle said...

When all else fails, hand out Dramamine. Children as young as two can take it. Then, turn up the radio and sing yourself to SL while the kids snore!