Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Confession Time

I always tease Papa Echo about how "analytical" he is. I'll point it out during arguments, when I'm trying to have fun, and pretty much any 'ol time I think about it. I pretend I'm not analytical at all.

Confession time?

I'm pretty darn analytical too. I try to hide it... I try to hide my OCD issues also. Usually I'm pretty good at it. Until I get stressed. And then? My best coping mechanism seems to be lining things up. (pun intended)

I'm finding that I'm stressed this Holiday season. Papa Echo is gone. (If I haven't whined about that enough so far...) We always go shopping together, write cards together, (well, he is on the computer while I sit next to him addressing the envelopes) and pretty much do all the Christmas "stuff" together throughout the month of December. Knowing that 'that' wasn't going to happen, I have been stressed and with being stressed comes my OCD/analytical behavior.

I have all the Christmas cards done and mailed. I have all my shopping done (except for a few things) and some of it even wrapped. I have NEVER had presents wrapped early. I always wait.

Some would say that it's good that today is November 30th and I am this 'ahead' of the game. To me? It is just a reminder that I'm not dealing as well with this new job as I think I am. I'm doing my best and putting on a happy face, but this is hard. And that's the truth. I'm analytical and it's showing 'big time' right now.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we are staying home. Because I will be attempting to make dinner, I decided I better post on my blog today.

Things I am thankful for this year...

Papa Echo will be home. (assuming his flights aren't delayed)
My family is healthy.
We are all together.
Papa Echo has a job that he loves.
My kids are all in really good schools.
We have a wonderful place to live.
We have freedom to practice our religion.
We have the freedom to yell and scream about the TSA and other government monstrosities.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Life is good. Life is busy. I feel like I'm spinning around most of the time. Hopefully at some point I'm also getting things done. We'll see.

Jessica is loving Middle School. She likes her classes. Homework keeps her busy, but she is getting it all done.

Alyssa is loving her fifth grade class. She is in a class for "gifted and talented" students. The district is trying it as a full-time class for the next two years. For the first time, Alyssa is being pushed academically. She LOVES it. Her teacher also stresses critical thinking skills and again, Alyssa is embracing it all.

Jonathan is loving second grade. His teacher is wonderful and perfect for him. He just finished soccer for the year and is looking forward to playing baseball in the spring.

Papa Echo and I are trying to finish up the outdoor projects, (building a brick patio and replacing the fence) before winter comes. I don't think we will make it, but hopefully we'll be at a good stopping place.

So, that's life right now. Good and busy. As my grandpa would say... "staying busy keeps me out of trouble".

Guess I'm not getting into any trouble.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Poking "the man" with a Stick

I understand the frustrations of "additional TSA screening guidelines".

Our government is out. of. control.

But really?
Is this the best shirt to wear in front of people who can make you go through secondary screening? Are we not afraid of body cavity searches? Because, really? That's the only place left that TSA isn't looking.I am happy to report that Papa Echo made it through security with no problems. And if you want this same shirt? They are for sale here.