Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jonathan and soccer

Jonathan has soccer practice two times a week. Because I'm usually running Alyssa to her soccer practice at about the same time, I'm not able to stay and watch. Today I arrived a little early for pick-up and was able to see him at work. Wow!! He is getting really good and a lot more aggressive. I've noticed that at the games, but it was fun to see it at practice also.

And? I learned boys like running around without shirts. The coach separated the boys for scrimmage and of course it was "shirts vs. skins". Jonathan was one of the skins and it made me laugh out loud the way they all stood a little taller and then jumped higher and were just plain more animated than the boys in shirts. Where do boys get this attitude? They ALL acted the same way. It cracked. me. up. And I loved it.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm coming back... I promise

I will post again... but I have a cold. (said in a REALLY whiny voice)

And I've been busy with the start of school. (schedules? me? what? how?)

And I have a lot of projects to finish before winter starts. (we are thinking that happens in about three weeks.)

So, I'll be back soon... and hopefully not quite so whiny.