Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Staying off soap boxes and other problems

My blog has been very quiet lately. It's not that I haven't had anything to say, it's just that I don't feel up to getting on a political soap box with every post. I write my posts in my head every day, and then decide to not offend this group or that one and I delete it. And then, just as I get to a point where I've taken a deep breath and calmed down, another "issue" pops up and I get all pissy again. So, if I'm quiet, it's because I'm censoring my content. At some point, I will be able to thoughtfully and intelligently get on a soap box. Not right now though. At this point it's not even about one particular issue. (Unless I lump all government intrusions into one big ball of crap to discuss.)

My other problem? I can't get pictures off my damn camera. So, I have a bunch of pictures and video of my kids to post. But I can't. And Papa Echo keeps forgetting to help me when he's here for 24 hours.

Deep breath... Sorry fellow bloggers... I'll be back in the game soon... I'm just regrouping right now.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Science Fair

I am dedicating this post to a wonderful and courageous mom, WhyMommy.

So, to celebrate Team WhyMommy's Virtual Science Fair, I present:

Alyssa's Science Fair Project!! (but I can't get the pictures off my camera... sorry)

For the Billings Science Fair, Alyssa decided to work with a solar panel and see how different light sources determined how much energy the solar panel could produce. She set up a box with the panel inside and attached it to a volt meter. She then tested different lights and measured the energy produced.

It was fun for me to watch Alyssa and Papa Echo work together and go through the scientific method process. Alyssa came up with the idea, did the experiments and created her presentation board. During the judging process, she received high marks for her presentation because she was able to explain her project clearly and answer questions. (Parents are not allowed in during the judging process.)

She wasn't required to participate in the science fair this year because she's in fourth grade. She just did it because she wanted to.

I'm so proud of you Alyssa!! Way to go above and beyond!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm Only Human...

Papa Echo: "I have to be honest with you."
Me: "ok?"

Papa Echo: "I've been unfaithful."
Me: "?"

Papa Echo: "I found a very awesome, Barbacoa style burrito shop in the Denver airport, and I've been eating their burritos."
Me: "oh, well then I should probably tell you something"

Papa Echo: "?"
Me: "When I went to Arbonne's NTC two years ago, I found that same burrito shop and ate there also. I guess I should have told you before now..."

And after that, the song "I'm Only Human" went through my mind for the next 24 hours.