Monday, June 15, 2009

They're Coming to Take Me Away...

The drive from Billings to Salt Lake is very, very, VERY long. It went as well as could be expected. My final analysis:
  • 5: the number of kids I started with.
  • 7: the total number of stops we had to make.
  • 11: the number of hours it took us to make what would normally be a 10 hour trip. Note: we didn't even stop to eat...just ate in the car.
  • 1: the number of band-aids needed because pipe cleaners are dangerous toys.
  • 2: the number of trips through the McDonalds drive thru I need because I can't seem to figure out that six people need six hamburgers and not five.
  • 5: the number of objects playing noise all at once that will make me lose what little brain I might have left. Those five objects were: my music (essential noise), a movie in the back of the van (pretty essential), a little toy radio that plays the same little clip of music over and over (should have been tossed in the garbage when we moved), 2 cell phones (both of which are not mine and were being used by the seven and nine year old because "the ring tones are cool").
  • 200: the number of times I was asked "are we there yet?"
  • 30: the number of minutes that all four youngest kids were asleep at the same time!!
  • 500: the number of times I questioned why I was doing this.
  • 5: the number of kids I ended up with at the end of the trip.
  • 0: the number of shots I need now that I'm no longer driving.
  • 3: the number of kids I'm glad I have permanently. I can't imagine any more than my wonderful three!!

Even though the trip down went well, please, please, please, don't encourage me to EVER do this again!!!


Michelle said...

So glad you made it safely and sanely to SLC!

tif-do said...

So so so Happy you made it alive! Hooray you, you are as super as I thought you were!

Stimey said...

I'm mostly happy that you left with 5 kids and arrived with 5 kids. You're a rock star for arriving with all of them!