Friday, June 5, 2009

School is out!!!

Today was the last day of school and I for one am REALLY excited. No more running kids back and forth to different schools at different times. Next year, all three kids will be in the same school Yippee!!!

Jonathan building with blocks while he waits for his sisters to set up the carnival.

The kids have been planning this carnival for the past two weeks. Jessica sewed the "bullseye" without any help from me.

Ring Toss

(Too bad this picture shows the one part of my yard not landscaped yet. It's the side yard and I forget how ugly it is.)

Bean Bag Toss

Jessica, Jonathan, friend D and Alyssa in the "new" clubhouse.

The kids had to relocate the clubhouse to another part of the yard because a "mountain lion (me) tore through the last one and took out a wall. (pruned the bushes a little aggressively and ruined the hideout)."

It rained this morning and then was clear all afternoon until dinnertime when a storm came back in. I was glad they could get out and play. It's a good way to start summer vacation.


Stimey said...

Super fun!

And how great that they'll all be in the same school next year. That will be awesome!

Michelle said...

Yeah for summer!

tif-do said...

Schools out for summer...Hooray!