Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

It's that time of year again!! I will have pictures tomorrow, but until then, here's a video for you all to enjoy. It has my favorite Halloween song of all time.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Lending a helping hand at the grocery store...

I went to the grocery store for Diet Coke (most importantly) and milk and other things including a card. A little old lady came up to me asking where the get well cards were. I showed her the little section and she asked what I thought would be an appropriate card for her 30 year old grandson who is having surgery tomorrow. As I started to look, I asked what kind of surgery (to get a feel for how sympathetic the card should be) and she said he was having his foot amputated.

Now, there aren't too many cards anyway, and even fewer that look masculine. She picked out a brown card with a little design and asked me to read it. On the front it said, "One day at a time, One step at a time". The middle, said get well soon, blah, blah, blah. I went to put it back and she said "well, that sounds good...". I looked at her and gently said, "well, I don't know, I mean, he is having his foot amputated, and well, you know, this card talks about taking one step at a time, so, I don't know..." She looked at me like I was speaking a different language and so I said, "yeah, it is a very nice looking card, but let's see if there is another one you like better." She ended up picking out one that was pretty feminine looking, (maybe more "scrapbookie" but we don't have to get technical) AND had a nice message.

I hope her grandson appreciates the card.

And, I'm thinking that I have a very sick sense of humor because part of me thinks he might have gotten a laugh out of the original one.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Picture Update

Here's a look at what's been happening around our house this past month.

Jessica had a fun and spooky Halloween Birthday Party. There's 12 candles on that cake!! When did she grow up?

Alyssa started figure skating lessons.

Alyssa's first class looked like so much fun that Jessica started lessons the following week.

Jonathan has been playing soccer all month. He has such a great "game face" while playing.

Jonathan also started Tiger Cub Scouts. Doesn't he look so handsome in his uniform?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall is Back!

There has been so much going on and I haven't had time to post pictures. I will...soon.

But, good news! While it was bitter cold and snowing last week, fall has returned and I'm LOVING it!! I love the warm/cooler weather. I love the leaves changing colors. I love that I will have a chance to plant 100 bulbs before winter comes for good. I love that I have a second chance to finish some outdoor projects that I've procrastinated finishing. It's a beautiful weekend and I'm enjoying it.

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's a Cold One

Just to let you all know... it's cold out there today. The temperature is in the teens now and will be single digits later on. If you are smart, and live somewhere else, you can sit back with a "I told you so" look on your face. Or maybe a "I don't know what else she expects, she lives in fricken Montana" smirk.

There is a sheet of ice covering all of Billings. Three of the four buses to my kids Elementary school arrived AFTER the tardy bell. I almost rear ended another minivan on the way to school. (Luckily I did not hit it because of my fine driving skills. Or maybe driving on ice is like driving a boat and I've had lots of practice with that.)

I've decided that the only time I will venture out of my house again will be to 1) pick the kids up from school and 2) take the girls to figure skating lessons. All other errands will be done another day.

I'm just sayin' it's pretty cold out there!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

To shot or not to shot...

I've always thought that shots were a good idea. I'm one of those moms that follows the vaccination chart religiously. But, do the flu shots count? I'm looking for opinions out there...

Do you give your kids the flu shot every year? What about the H1N1 shot/mist? Do you trust it? Am I being paranoid by questioning the FDA ?(insert sarcasm and roll of the eyes here)

My kids see "flu shots available here" signs all over town and remind me each time that they don't want any shots this year. Am I bad for giving them the shots or bad for not giving them? Either way, I think I'm screwed.