Saturday, March 21, 2009

Science Fair

Jessica (and Papa Echo) had a lot of fun preparing for the science fair. Jessica wanted to see what kind of stain would preserve wood the best. She used an oil-based, water-based and spray-on water-based stain. She then kept some in the dark, some in UV light, and some were in a wet/dry cycle for a month. The conclusion was that the water-based stain worked the best for keeping true to the original color and not warping.

She was the only one of two fifth graders from her school that entered the Billings Clinic Science Fair. Way to go Jessica!! We are very proud of you!


tif-do said...

That's a great project! Good for her!

Heather said...

Way to go! She is a smartie just like her mom and dad ;-) P.S. Tell Jessica that Emily says hi!

Anonymous said...

What an interesting and valuable project! I always want to know more about protecting wood. It makes me want to know more. Great project and great work. I am so proud of you!