Monday, August 2, 2010

Days 9-12 of 21

After Papa Echo got off work, we drove to Toronto. On Saturday, we drove to Niagara Falls. On the way there, we saw this boat in the bay and just had to stop. Jonathan said he thought it looked like a pirate ship.

Then we spent the day at Niagara Falls, returning to Toronto for the night.
We took the tour underground where there was tunnels going behind the falls.
Breathtaking view!!

For Montana standards, Billings is a big city. It was good to have the kids see a true BIG city.
Jonathan and Papa Echo
We loved the paint job on this building.
Jessica took this picture. I love it!!
Jonathan and Papa Echo watching planes land.

Papa Echo flew back to work Monday morning, and I drove south back to the US. I learned that I need to work on my "poker face" going across the border. I wasn't even doing anything wrong, and my heart was racing and I was all sweaty. The border guard made me nervous when he asked me to take off my sunglasses. When he asked where my plates were from, I could barely stutter out Montana. When he asked what I was doing in Canada I squeaked out, "visiting my husband who's working here....". And, when he asked where I was headed, I gave a big, long explanation of what was still on the agenda for the trip. Oy!!! Not good at all... He probably just laughed as soon as I left.

One place I've always wanted to visit is Palmyra, New York. We stopped there on the way to Maryland. It was wonderful to go there with my kids and see my church and family history.
Smith Family FarmThe upstairs bedroom.
Hill Cumorah

After visiting Palmyra, we continued on our drive to Maryland, where my best friend Jean (also known as Stimey) and her family lives.

The kids were getting a little "punchy" on this part of the drive. Here are some pictures.

Alyssa tried to make the craziest face and hairdo.
Jonathan watched the Star Wars trilogy again and again and again and again...
Jessica keeping track of all the license plates she saw. The only ones that didn't count were the ones from the state that we were in right then. She found all the US plates except Hawaii.


Anonymous said...

I hope it was the original "good" trilogy not the "George Lucas' mid-life crisis" trilogy, otherwise... talk about your long drives.

So how many times did you threaten to turn the van back around and head home?


Renee said...

We will be hitting a lot of the same sights October 1-10. We are flying into Buffalo and going to Niagra Falls, then the sacred grove, a stay in NH at Lake Winnipesaukee to go on a couple hikes and see the fall leaves. Then finishing in Boston and Rockport, MA where my cousins live. Can't wait. Please let me know if you have any suggestions of things to hit along the way.