Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Days 16-21 of 21

Papa Echo joined me and the kids at Stimey's house Friday night and then Saturday we drove across Washington DC to Papa Echo's Dad's house in Virginia. After a day of visiting and eating Dim sum, Papa Echo, Jessica, Jonathan, Grandpa, and Grandma Patty went on another sightseeing tour of DC at night.

at the WWII memorial

On Sunday, Papa Echo had to fly back to Canada and we were on our way home. Before dropping PE off at the airport, we stopped at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum next to Dulles International Airport.
The space shuttle!! How cool is that!!

Jonathan was thrilled to be here!!

When we were planning this trip, and looking for a route home, Alyssa asked, "Can we go to Kentucky?" I asked, "Why? What's in Kentucky?" And she says, "I just like the way 'Kentucky' sounds and think it would be fun to go there." So, I look at the map and figured it would only be an extra 4-5 hours of driving and after going so far anyway....

We drove through, Virginia and stopped for the night. Then drove through West Virginia and then into....

We proudly present our very quick trip through Kentucky.
Even the lizards were glad we stopped by.

What do you do in Kentucky when you only have a couple of hours and then need to be on the road again? What if the kids are tired of museums? What would be something to do that would also represent the state?

Let's see, Kentucky = Kentucky Derby = horse racing = horses = horseback riding.

Yes!! The kids want to go horseback riding!! We have a winning idea!

Our guide did not understand that I needed to take pictures for scrapbooking documentation, and put me on a horse after Jonathan, so please forgive the "not so close-up" photos...

And then we kept on driving... and driving... through Kentucky, up into Ohio for a few miles and then to Indiana.... stopping for the night there.

And then we kept on driving... and driving... through Indiana, and through Illinois... and then into Iowa... stopping for the night there.

And then we kept on driving... and driving... through Iowa and into South Dakota and stopped for the night.

And then we drove through South Dakota, into Wyoming briefly, into Montana and we were HOME!!! We did it!!

One last photo op, though... At some point between Indiana and South Dakota... (I can't remember where) I was pretty tired of driving and needed to stop for a nap. We pulled into this neat rest area.
Good thing the kids took my camera to document me sleeping...

I absolutely LOVE my kids and am so glad we went on this wonderful adventure.


Stimey said...

What a cool end to your trip! Except for all the driving, of course. I'm glad that your kids got to go back to the mall for a less speedy tour. :)

Also, I've never been to the Aaron Space Museum near Dulles. Is it cool? I'll have to check that one out.

Renee said...

What a great adventure! I can't wait til the kids are older and can fend for themselves a little more on trips. I love them playing while you catch a nap in the car. Looks like you all had a wonderful time.