Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Festival of Sails

Every year on Good Friday there is a Festival of Sails here. It is a big carnival with lots of craft and food stalls, music and lots and lots of activities for the kids. Out in the bay you can watch the annual yacht race from Brisbane to Gladstone.

It was so crowded (panic for me) but the kids LOVED it!!

How better to start the day than a skydive visit from the Easter bunny?
The Easter bunny at the beach!! I love it!

Jonathan rock climbing

They brought in special sand for sculpting.
Jessica and Jonathan

Alyssa and friend E.

The artist of this sculpture stayed all day and helped all the kids with their own sculptures.

One of the highlights of the day was a LEGO competition for ages 8-14.
Jonathan built a spider eating a green snake

Alyssa built a bi-plane

After a day of sun, beach, and activities we went home exhausted, and this was just the beginning of our Easter weekend.


Unknown said...

Looks like they had something for everyone. Way fun!!!


tif-do said...

I envy your Australian adventures! Looks so fun!