Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Weekend Getaway

Papa Echo had an extra day off of work Easter Weekend so we went on a mini-vacation up the coast.
The kids miss our Ford Flex.

First stop was the Bellingham Maze.

We were pleasantly surprised with how much there was to do here. There were all sorts of games to play outside the maze and then the maze itself was green and pretty and in the middle was a beautiful fountain.
Alyssa and Jonathan working on the rope maze.

This tyre maze was tricky.
(and yes, I spelled tyre correctly spellcheck... I'm in Australia!)

Next stop The Big Pineapple.

We found this cute little hotel to stay in for the night. We were in the top right room. Established in 1891 it is one of the oldest hotels on the Sunshine Coast. The kids LOVED sitting out on the upper balcony.

The next day we went to Underwater World.
The otters reminded us of our Oski dog.

Watching the otter show.

It was a wonderful weekend!!

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Mrs. Lannen said...

Looks like a fabulous holiday! Hey I am teaching a World Lit class and I am looking for some quality Australian reads...especially dealing with perhaps the Aborigines. Do you know of any or could you perhaps ask some of your Australian friends whose literary tastes you would trust. Remember this is for high school students. Thanks! I love hearing about your Australian adventures. Take care Jeni