Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Little, Tiny Things... and School

We knew that things would be much different here. I went to the Soviet Union when I was in High School. Papa Echo went to Europe. We tried to warn the kids. I think we've done alright so far. Not too many blunders. People are patient.

But I can't get over how little everything is here.

The first time I ordered a Diet Coke, I just about fell over. The bottle was the tiniest one I've ever seen. It was probably a little 8 ounce thing. I don't even know. They don't give 'free refills' here either, so I had to be careful not to finish the whole thing in one swallow. It was expensive for the one... we couldn't afford lining up bottles. I'm just grateful I didn't have to go 'cold turkey' with the Diet Coke. That would have been most unpleasant.

We are staying (for a few more days) in a hotel/apartment It has two bedrooms and one bath. While it is a 'hotel' for us, there are many residents here who own their apartment and live here full-time.

This fridge is so tiny. No more shopping for a weeks worth of food.

Alyssa sitting next to the oven AND dishwasher. The dishwasher is on the bottom and the oven is on top.

On our flight over, everyone was given an 'amenities bag' which included this toothbrush and toothpaste. It's so tiny and cute!!

We are enjoying every minute of our time here. Many have asked about the kids and school. We could not get them signed up until we had a place to live. Once we signed the papers, we registered them in school and then we had to set up times for 'interviews'. Those interviews consisted of going over school rules. Special emphasis was given to wearing school uniforms because we were from the states. (giggle) By the time all this was done, there were only a few days left of the third term and then the students would be on 'Holiday' for two weeks. So, it was decided that our kids would start on the first day of the fourth term which is Oct. 3rd.

The thing with moving here, is that their school years are different than ours in the states. They don't have kindergarten, and they label their years, Year one (for kindergarten), Year two (for first grade), Year three (for 2nd grade)... and so on. And they go all the way to Year 12. (which would be 11th grade in the states? This is where I get confused...)

They have placed my kids in classes according to their birthdays. It looks like this... Jessica will be in Year 9, Alyssa will be in Year 6 and Jonathan will be in Year 3. This will be for one quarter and then they have summer vacation for six weeks. They start the new school year at the end of January 2012. Now for Jonathan and Alyssa, this sounds good because they will be in Year 4 and Year 7... Not too bad.

BUT, Jessica? Because her birthday is in October, Montana made her wait an extra year to start kindergarten. (California had let her start kindergarten and then we moved and Montana said no, so we had to wait a year... she is not happy about that) So, the Deputy (Assistant Principal) looked at her birthdate and said, let's put her in Year 9. We said okay. Jessica was thrilled! Afterwards, I thought it through... This means that in January she will be in Year 10... Then January 2013 she will be in Year 11... That is ONE YEAR from graduating high school!!! Agh!! I have totally lost time by being here.... She was going to be in 8th grade and then 9th grade in the states.

Who knows exactly how long we will be here... the plan is for two years... (could be more or less in reality) I know things will work out. Obviously I'm not changing where she is at in school here and I'm not projecting my own insecurities and lack of being able to cut the apron strings onto her. But to you dear friends?
Stomp, Stomp, grumble, grumble.... I'm going to throw a little bit of a fit here.

And then I'll put on my happy face so they can start school soon.

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Lynette Wilie said...

That would make me stomp stomp and grumble grumble too. Hang in there!