Sunday, September 11, 2011


We were given much advice and told many things prior to coming here. Most of it was helpful. Some of it was disturbing. For example, we were told that there was NO Diet Coke... only Coke Light. (which any Diet Coke addict will tell you is NOT THE SAME THING!!) My Dad even commented that he was hearing nothing negative about our move to Australia, except for the NO Diet Coke warning.

Enter Mythbuster #1
It may be expensive, but it's here. Hallelujah!!

We were also told that there would be NO MEXICAN FOOD. Anyone who knows us, knows that that was almost a deal breaker.

Enter Mythbuster #2

It was so yummy!

I have two kids (and one husband) that LOVE seafood. They are in heaven here.
They say it tastes good. Alyssa and I just trust them.

I have been testing the local candy cuisine.

Gummi.... Babies?

And how can we not enjoy a 'bag of lollies' Just saying it sounds awesome.


tif-do said...

Food looks YUMMY! I was beginning to wonder how you would survive without Diet Coke! I know I couldn't.

Anonymous said...

Hooray!!! Now you can survive, so happy for you! All the food looks good too. I bet the seafood is good there too, super fresh, I say give it a try. The gummy babies are a little disturbing though. I still want to know about the curdled milk though...