Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Life is good. Life is busy. I feel like I'm spinning around most of the time. Hopefully at some point I'm also getting things done. We'll see.

Jessica is loving Middle School. She likes her classes. Homework keeps her busy, but she is getting it all done.

Alyssa is loving her fifth grade class. She is in a class for "gifted and talented" students. The district is trying it as a full-time class for the next two years. For the first time, Alyssa is being pushed academically. She LOVES it. Her teacher also stresses critical thinking skills and again, Alyssa is embracing it all.

Jonathan is loving second grade. His teacher is wonderful and perfect for him. He just finished soccer for the year and is looking forward to playing baseball in the spring.

Papa Echo and I are trying to finish up the outdoor projects, (building a brick patio and replacing the fence) before winter comes. I don't think we will make it, but hopefully we'll be at a good stopping place.

So, that's life right now. Good and busy. As my grandpa would say... "staying busy keeps me out of trouble".

Guess I'm not getting into any trouble.

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