Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Exercise Program

I have had a goal to lose weight for quite some time. Wanting and doing are quite different in my world.

My friend Michelle had a great idea and invited everyone to go "walking" with her. Go to her site for all the details.

Starting tomorrow, I will be wearing my pedometer. My goal is to walk to Sudbury, Canada (figuratively--don't worry that I've packed up the house Papa Echo).

I'm putting this goal on my blog so that I'll feel accountable. If you notice my number of miles at the top of the page not changing much, then feel free to "encourage" me along.

I'm walking with you Michelle!! (just in a different direction, and starting in a different place, and oh never mind...)


Michelle said...

Thank you!! It is so much better with support. Why didn't we do this when we lived in the same town?

tif-do said...

I went to put on my Pedometer yesterday... and it wasn't working. Talk about off to a bad start. So after I went for my run I came back and drove it to see how far I'd went. But I'd rather just leave it on all day. Good luck in the walking!!! You can do it!