Monday, January 4, 2010

My camera is working!!

I finally figured out my camera (thanks to Papa Echo's help)... so here are Christmas pictures!!
Usually we travel to Salt Lake or San Diego and stay with family for Christmas. This year, we stayed home. It was a nice, relaxing holiday. The kids enjoyed all their gifts and they had fun making gifts for each other.

My favorite gift was something that all three kids worked on. I was so shocked Christmas morning to find the following on the table.
I have wanted a Nativity set ever since I got married, but have never found one that I really liked. The kids, knowing that my mom has a set I like, decided to make me one. I can't believe the amount of work they put into this!!

The kids all received some video games, so while I cooked a ham for dinner, Papa Echo helped the kids play the games.

Then, there was one more gift that I was a little surprised by. Some people know me a little to well.
Click here for a look at a very appropriate gift that made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!

All in all, a very quiet and wonderful holiday. Things are already looking up in 2010. I have a new job starting tomorrow as a CNA (certified nursing assistant) at a nursing home. I'm looking forward to the challenge (and money/health insurance).


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the new job. I am so excited for you! Keep me posted on how it goes. Jeni

Stimey said...

Sounds like a really nice Christmas! And what a wonderful thing for your kids to make you. What sweet things!

But, man. what jerk got you the vampire book? :)

Anonymous said...

The nativity set is great! I can't believe the detail that they put into it And that they were able to keep it secret. Sounds like Christmas was awesome and I am so excited for you to start the new job!!!

So, how do you introduce a vampire to your family for the first time???