Monday, July 6, 2009

I Blame You, Stimey!!

I am done feeling like a big marshmallow-or tons of marshmallows attached together. With that in mind, I read an "inspiring" blog from Stimey and was convinced it was a good idea to follow her example.
So, today was the first of my 30day Shred program, and I AM SORE! There was much cussing and "mean looks" headed to Stimey's today as I tried to get through the 20 minute session. Who knew that marshmallows are too out of shape to do level 1? Anyway, because I apparently like pain and do not like my marshmallow/muffin top, I will continue on... I have a feeling that this program is going to kick my fat butt into shape quicker than any of my other exercise programs.
So, please feel free to ask/harass me and make sure I'm still on track.


Stimey said...

I believe that I specifically requested that you don't blame me.

You know how she says, "Those of you on day 5, 6,'re probably seeing a big change in your endurance by now." If you stick it out, she's right. Although I'm still on Level 1 because it still kind of wrecks me.

Papa Echo said...

Not to put the damper on your personal improvement program, but I think you've somehow gotten the members of our household confused. The only one even closely resembling your mascot is our watermelon-on-legs Frankendog, our personal experiment in pushing the edges of natural selection and evolution - Missy the wonder-puggle. Besides, it's one thing to feel a bit round - we are after all trying to be good Americans. But to pick a mascot that represents a demonic manifestation of an ancient Sumerian god, hell bent on the destruction of the world, may be taking the negative self-image thing a bit too far.

Just remember, whatever you do, don't cross the streams, man. Oh, but do totally blame Stimey...she's the one that got us all into this mess in the first place. Absolut crazy.