Sunday, July 19, 2009

Demolition Derby

My kids have never been to a Demolition Derby. After living in MT for seven years, I figured it was time to introduce them to one.

And, No, hell has not frozen over....that is Papa Echo enjoying this experience with his kids.

There were lots of questions about what a "Demolition Derby" is, why people would want to crash into other cars and if there were EMT's and Firemen standing by. Once it started though, we laughed and cheered and had a grand ole' time. There is nothing quite as redneck as watching cars crash into each other for fun.

On a completely unrelated note, I noticed Jonathan playing "crash 'em up" cars this morning. He even had his bulldozers out to retrieve the cars that were too beat up to get off the field.We are thinking he is watching too much television.

1 comment:

Jean said...

That looks like fun. I bet my kids would LOVE a demolition derby. That doesn't mean that I'm not going to make fun of you for going though.

By the way, your kids are adorable!