Sunday, April 26, 2009

Soccer Season

Jonathan is on the blue team/in the blue hoodie. He has such a great "game face".

Jonathan and Papa Echo watching Alyssa's game.


Alyssa is on the pink team in pink shorts.

Soccer season is in full swing at this point. We have practices and/or games almost every night of the week. (Rain, snow or shine) Both Alyssa and Jonathan are LOVING it.

Jonathan saw that friend K from his kindergarten class had an older sister on Alyssa's team. He was pretty shy and had a very cute look on his face when he pointed her out to me. Then, friend K came over to talk with Jonathan and wanted him to come sit by her. Jonathan looks up at me with his beautiful round eyes and asks if that is okay with me. And my reaction (in my head) was "There is NO WAY you're leaving me for some girl..." But of course I smiled and said "sure". He smiled and then ran to catch up with her. About ten minutes later, I was sitting with all the other parents and saw friend K run up to her mom for something. She says, "I'm sitting over there with Jonathan". And her mom says, "who's Jonathan". And friend K points to my little boy and says, "that guy over there in the dark blue shirt."

Jonathan and friend K walking to the soccer field.

So my question is, when did my sweet, innocent, wonderful, little boy become "that guy"? "That guy" makes him sound so grown up! I'm not ready. Big sigh. My kids are growing up so fast.


tif-do said...

How perfect that Alyssa is the Pink team!
And as for Jonathan... he better keep in mind while he's hanging out with all those other girls, he's still gotta take Kasey to prom, lol!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Seriously grown up. The beginning of the end - and you documented it here for him! Now you'll be able to always remind him of the specific moment he started the journey on the road to love!