Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I can not figure out how we ended up in stinkin' cold Montana.

Alyssa had a soccer game and Jonathan had soccer practice tonight. It started raining. It was raining because it was three degrees too warm for snow. Jonathan's practice was canceled. (Thank you Jonathan's coach!) Because Alyssa is all grown up and in third grade, there were no cancellations. Papa Echo offered to take Alyssa to her game, but I thought there was no way the game would actually happen, so I said, "That's okay, I know you're busy. I'll do it." Little did I know that I would have to stay for the full hour game, outside, in the rain, freezing. What happened to "It's too cold to play..."? Alyssa was such a trooper though. She even made a goal! There were no complaints and as soon as we got home, she was put in a nice hot bath. I cuddled up with a good book (don't ask what I'm reading, again) and lots of blankets and finally got warm myself.

Next week I'll be prepared with hot cider and blankets and it will probably be 80 degrees outside. Ya gotta love Montana.


tif-do said...

Good ol' spring. We were always wrapped up in blankets and beanies for the first part of baseball and getting sun burnt for the second half.

Michelle said...

I know you're reading the Twilight series again, so don't even try to hide it! I'm so sorry that I haven't been to the post office yet. I'm sending an extra set of flowers in apology!

We are wet, wet, wet here, too. Thank goodness we missed soccer sign-ups. My boys are wrestling, a nice indoor sport.

Anonymous said...

Brrr, makes me cold just reading about it.

Mystery book huh? Don't you have it memorized by now? I actually just lent my copy to a coworker so I'm sure I'll be hearing all about it again as she reads them. :)