Sunday, January 8, 2012

Quick Trip South

Summer vacation + Papa Echo has time off + a soon to end Harry Potter exhibition = a quick run to Sydney.

On the way down the coast we had to stop and ride camels... on the beach of course.

Look out! They spit.

I think we are the first tourists ever to get this picture.

And this one...

Dave- How would you like to tile the OUTSIDE of the Opera House?

The Harry Potter exhibit had all kinds of props, clothing, and backdrops from the movies. They would not allow cameras, so this is us waiting in line to get in. The wait was worth it!!

FYI... Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans are disgusting. Or so Alyssa says... none of us tried any of them after watching her try a "rotten egg".

Before we left for home the next day, we went to a Lego Exhibition. This was Jonathan's favorite sculpture.

It was a quick trip to Sydney, but fun!!!

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Michelle said...

I love your pictures! C- my book is out!!! It has come a long way since the first draft that you read in Montana, but you can get it on Kindle and NOOK.