Monday, November 28, 2011

From One Extreme to the Other

This post was originally going to be a lot different. I've been planning on a "Thanksgiving Post" all month. I'll have to tell you all about the dinner and the "Great Gecko Hunt" that occurred following dinner... and I will... It was fun and wonderful and I was excited to share all the silliness.

But first, can I ask for a moment of silence and/or prayer?

I'm writing this post with tears streaming down my face because my heart is broken for a friend in Billings. She has been posting on facebook all about her pregnancy, the baby showers, the nursery, and all the excitement of being a mom again for the fourth time. I couldn't help but be excited. Just before Thanksgiving she posted that little baby Ramsey was born early and was in NICU and she asked for prayers for her little girl. Of course I prayed. I also thought that everything would be okay... Two days later, baby Ramsey returned to our Heavenly Father and my heart broke for my friend and her family. They are strong. Their faith is strong. I know they will be okay and I know that they are being watched over. But, my heart literally hurts for their loss and the pain they feel.


Let me wipe away my tears... because I do want to share how we celebrated Thanksgiving here.

I had to keep reminding myself that Thanksgiving is NOT a national holiday here... duh, I know... but it is such a tradition in my brain that I kept forgetting. For example? I was surprised the kids had school last week. I know.... I know... give me a break... and wish me luck on the fourth of July. (big roll of the eyes)

We had a lovely dinner. We were grateful to be together and to be on this new adventure. (It doesn't hurt that we were looking out on the beach instead of snow.) The kids were understanding that we 1) couldn't find a turkey and 2) even if we found one, couldn't cook it in our little oven. The only thing that they requested was that we at least have a whole chicken and that we have cranberry sauce. Well, we found the chicken easy enough and luckily the little market down the street had a jar of cranberry sauce tucked away on the back of a shelf. The rest of the dinner was pretty standard including our favorite "Aunt Amy's Special Sweet Potato" recipe. I can't say it's healthy, but it sure is YUMMY!!!
Hurry and take the picture so we can eat!!

While I was cleaning up, the kids were running around. I heard from the back of the apartment something about a gecko. I figured they were playing a game or teasing each other. After about 5 minutes, one of them comes back to the living room and says that they can't find the gecko anymore.

Wait.... WHAT?!?!

I have a gecko in my house?!?!

So, the hunt was on to find the little beast/creature.... it may as well have been a gila monster to me. There was NO WAY I could sleep knowing there was a little animal running around. Luckily, my husband is persistent (or knows me well enough to know better than to give up) and the little gecko was found and captured. We did release him into the wild (or the ledge of the apartment building) after looking at his cool feet and getting a scientific lesson from Papa Echo on how geckos can climb anything with their special feet and how science is looking into how they can use the same idea on ...... well, you get the idea. And by the way? Geckos are pretty stinkin' cool!!
Maybe it is a Gila Monster...

It was a weekend of emotions. Please know that I am grateful for all my friends and family and I would hug you all right now if I could.

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