Monday, October 17, 2011

School and Apartment pictures

School Uniforms

Our wake up call/bird on the railing right outside the bedroom windows.
Every. Single. Morning.

We ended up signing a lease for a furnished 3 bedroom apartment. It is a little larger than our first home. ;)

Our view off the dining room.

Our view out the master bedroom to the other side of the peninsula.


Mandy said...

Sooooo very cool. I'm jealous. The view is absolutely gorgeous. I'm thinking the uniforms are funky especially with the hats. Miss you! -Amanda

tif-do said...

I'm with Amanda on the uniforms. Very fun apartement living! I'm loving the idea of it.

Anonymous said...

Hi..We're jealous...beautiful pics, keep them coming. How about a mailing address. Luv Yah Grandpa and Grandma (Arizona)

Stimey said...

It's so pretty! And I am DIGGING the hats.