Monday, August 22, 2011

6 days to go

We are almost ready to go.

  • sorting? check!
  • tossing? check!
  • sell cars? check!
  • get school records and vaccinations updated? check!
  • garage sale? check!
  • packing? almost?
  • freecycle and craigslist remaining junk/treasures? almost?
  • clean? almost?
  • go off Diet Coke so I don't go through withdrawals in Australia? Doh!
  • learn all about customs and immigration to Australia? Doh!
  • finish yardwork so it doesn't look 'redneck'? Doh!
  • touch up paint on the inside of the house? Doh!
  • paint the front door? Doh!
  • hire movers for Thursday? check!
  • take off things on my list that don't HAVE to be done (like painting)? check!
  • Say goodbye to friends? No! Because I will stay in touch through my blog and facebook and I'll be back in two years.
Ready or not we are on a plane to the land of Oz this Sunday.

Wish us luck... or strong drinks....


Michelle Croft said...

I think your carry on should consist of one hundred 3 oz bottles of diet coke, and maybe your passport. Love you, let me know what I can do to help!

Anonymous said...

So exciting! You're almost done and you still have almost a whole week! You are so ahead of the game. I say stick with the Diet Coke while you can, plenty of time for withdrawal once you get there. And maybe you'll like Coke Lite, maybe? :)


Stimey said...

Yeah. Diet Coke exists in Australia, even if they call it something else. :)

Have a GREAT journey over there! Maybe we can Skype sometime and you can tell me what it's like!