Monday, May 18, 2009

Pictograph Cave

Montana is great for many reasons. When you pay your car registration, they add on a $4 fee to cover the state parks. So, when you go to any MT state parks, with your registered vehicle, it's free. Free is in our budget. (My brother M would point out at this point that it's not free since we did pay the $4 originally.)

We went to Pictograph Cave this past weekend.

Two good looking men.

Where's Waldo?

It was fun to get out and just relax. Afterwards the kids helped me clean out the overgrown bushes and weeds in our yard.

Jonathan gold panning two weekends ago. I had to add this picture because I thought it was so darn cute!

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tif-do said...

Fun! Yay for warm enough weather to get out and enjoy the world! That is a darn cute picture of Jonathan.